Nominate "Love Songs for Silly Things" for Best Kids' Album!

Hello Flanclub, 

It's rare that we send out mass e-mails, but this is too cool!

Around this time last year, we counted on you to vote for us in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and with your overwhelming support we were able to pull of a big win. 

Now, "Love Songs for Silly Things" is up for Best Kids' Album on Nickelodeon's Parents Connect Website, and we need your help again. 


Please take the time to register (it's easy!), and you can vote every day for the next two weeks.
We aren't as big as some of the acts on there, but we've got a lot of heart. If you vote often I think we might have a chance.

Thank you so much for your time and support. 


Mike and Dan


Rivers' Family Meltdown and Chicago-Sun Times!

We played at the River's Family Meltdown last weekend in Massachusetts.
Here's what Jeff Giles from Dadnabbit.com had to say:

The Flannery Brothers, who ended up with the somewhat thankless task of playing “The Lounge Stage” at 3 PM, but turned lemons into lemonade by working the crowd like they were playing Madison Square Garden. Dressed in bright colors and wedged into that tiny space, the Flannery Brothers proved they aren’t just a lot of fun on CD, but they’re an impressively tight live act, delivering note-perfect renditions of tracks like “Rutabaga” and “Best Pillow in the World” that brought an ear-to-ear grin to my tired face and reduced my daughter to giggling fits. (At one point, singer/tambourine rocker Dan Flannery sashayed down the gym mats and into the hall, prompting her to shout “He’s leaving!” in hysterics.) It was, in a word, marvelous, and I only hope the Flannerys end up on the main stage next year, because they’re stars just waiting to be connected with their audience.

Read the whole article here @http://dadnabbit.com/meltdown-2010-looking-back/

Thanks for the great write-up Jeff!

Also, The Chicago Sun-Times picked up a review of "Move Over Lullabies... It's Time for Wake-Up Songs" written by Kimberly over at SheScribes.com. How cool!

In other news, we are working really hard on our next album! They are my favorite songs yet!

Broccoli & Rock n' Roll,

- Dan


The Reviews are in for "Wake-Up Songs!"

Be sure to pick up the album in our new store @ http://www.flannerybrothers.com!


Flannery Brothers win in the 2009 Boston Children's Music Awards

The Flannery Brothers were awarded Best Kids' Album in the 2009 Boston Children's Music Awards for "Love Songs for Silly Things." We also won in the "Best Live Performance" category! Very excited to be a part of the award program's first year. 

Visit http://www.bostonchildrensmusic.com to read the review and see the other winners!